March 3, 2020

Grapholite 5.0 is out

New version of Grapholite is out! We are excited to announce new functionality and features.

Drawing is now more comfortable — you don't have to worry about the size of the page anymore

There are two new options available:
  • Infinite Page Mode to draw on an infinite canvas.
  • Growing Page Mode — your drawing will be split into multiple sheets of paper and you can immediately see how it will be printed, taking into account the paper margins.
You can switch between the modes anytime in the middle of drawing diagrams.

More capabilities to work with files

It is now possible to:
  • Export selected areas of the diagram and include a grid.

The following two features available now in iOS:
  •  Full file browser support — it's possible now to store your diagrams anywhere, to your device, iCloud drive or to any 3rd party storage provider such as Dropbox.
  • Any SVG image can be inserted as a new ready-to-use diagram symbol or just as an image for further editing.

A lot of pleasant improvements

  • In addition to the existing editing capabilities you now have a new way to remove objects from the chart. Often it's more convenient to do this using Eraser Tool.
  • The Page and the grid colors can now be customized.
  • And of course we support the Dark Mode in iOS.
  • Besides that some minor bugs were fixed.

See also:

The most recent version at the time of writing is 5.0.2.