August 7, 2017

A tool to create visual aids and presentations

Visual aids are powerful tool for conveying information in a simple yet efficient manner. They are a great way to enhance a presentation and illustrate specific points, to make a presentation more interesting and entertaining.

IT related concepts commonly involve the use of flowcharts, UML, entity-relationship model or other "standard" diagrams — all of them are built-in Grapholite, and they can be naturally used to create presentations and visual aids. The same goes for designing business processes, management schemes and visualization of multiple aspects of enterprise architecture. It is worth mentioning separately the capability to draw electrical circuits, local area networks and floor plans. However, the creation of visual aids in Grapholite application is not limited to those listed.

Grapholite was designed as the flowchart editor from the beginning, and it is natural to create by using it various types of classifications or to show relationship between items, concepts, etc. So, it's quite easy to create diagrams like this:

The next picture demonstrates a very different approach to classification (from the perspective of visual representation). It uses Venn diagrams, that are also easy to draw by using Grapholite:

Training presentations often contain circulating flows (information, financial, substance). It is generally accepted to use various kinds of arrows to display them. Rectangles, ovals or other shapes are traditionally used to show process agents/participants. Adding labels and additional design elements we get a picture like the following. Grapholite is a right tool to create this kind of diagrams too:

It is actually a cycle diagram, which, as the name implies is used to display closed cycles. In order to create them in Grapholite you can use a number of tunable stencils. But don't limit yourself to these templates... Add color and imagination to get a meaningful illusration, like the one in our article about creating vector graphics. The set of arrows provided by Grapholite covers a wide range of needs, but it is not infinite. It doesn't contain highly specialized ones, like those which are used to indicate the cavalry on the battle plans in history lessons — they have only one half of the "tip". However, it is not a big problem: you can hide unnecessary parts of available arrows under any suitable shape filled with background color. For greater aesthetics, you can do other tricks, like making a copy of an arrow and shifting it slightly to get a variable width "tail". Thinking this way would help you to make advanced non-standard effects for your presentations. So, to draw plans of historical battles, as well as a lot of other stuff, one need not even resort to custom vector graphics. And you can get something like the following:

So, as you can see, Grapholite is a useful tool to create visual aids and presentations in various areas. But only you can find out how this software product is suitable to your needs. Download the application and try it yourself for free!