February 27, 2017

Vector graphics editor for Desktop and Tablet devices

Although Grapholite is designed to create various types of business graphics, it also can be considered as a more general tool — vector graphics editor. It means: users are not limited to those diagrams which are presented in the application menu, it's possible to create anything as far as your imagination will suffice. And then you can export it to SVG or PDF and scale your image without quality loss.

Let's look at the following example created with Grapholite (you can click to enlarge):

Educational Diagram — Nitrogen Cycle in Nature. Created with Grapholite

Tools used to create this image:
  • Cloud Dialog Box from "Text" containers
  • Rounded Arrows from our "Cycles" stencils set, customized by size, color, stroke width, opacity, etc.
  • Lightning ArrowRectangle and Trapezium are from "Common" stencils set, but could be drawn manually
  • Shape tool (and gradient customizations) to create landscape

The next nice picture is a classical Ishikawa (Cause and Effect) Diagram:

Fishbone Diagram example created with Grapholite using just arrows and text blocks

You may think: What's a big deal... But look! Grapholite has no built-in Fishbone Diagram support. Oops...

So, this example has been drawn to give you insight how things can still be done easily. And the first one shows that you are not limited to lines, arrows and blocks, it's possible to draw sophisticated images. Vector graphics is the key. It's the basis of the Grapholite's "turbocharged" engine.

And this power is available on Tablets too. The tablet version of the application is full-featured and allows you to continue your work on the go and stay productive. You can create and edit vector images using Windows Tablet, iPad and Android devices. Try it!

And feel free to share your results with us — we are curious, how complex can be the graphics our app users draw.


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